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December 2016

Holiday Greetings and welcome to this month’s article! As you move into the holiday season, remember that you can only spread yourself so far. Choose wisely how you spend your time and make the most of your holidays.

One of the best investments you can make for yourself and for those who count on you is a rejuvenating massage. Dedicating about an hour to maintain your health and sanity—to recharge your physical, mental and spiritual batteries—can keep you going strong. Massage can reduce your stress, strengthen your immune system, and help you to sleep better, so be sure to make your next bodywork session a priority.

Enjoy the rest of this issue and learn more health tips to keep you feeling your best. The more you know, the better prepared you are to make the best decisions.

If you’re still trying to decide what to give some of the folks on your shopping list this holiday season, remember that massage gift certificates are a wonderful solution—and just a phone call away.

May you find the time to connect with all the special people in your life and make the most of your holidays!

The Multiple Benefits of Massage

Massage’s Role in Improving Sleep and Reducing Stress
Massage therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. It’s excellent for reducing insomnia, and has been shown to improve both the ability to fall asleep and the duration of sleep, allowing for otherwise anxious individuals to rest. The lack of ability to sleep plays a key role in the development and exacerbation of these conditions and creates a downward spiral of despair. By interrupting the insomnia cycle, massage can play a huge role in reducing emotion-based conditions.

Massage Can Alleviate Muscle Pain
Massage therapy has been shown to improve muscle tone in weak and atrophied muscle tissue while releasing overly tight muscles. Athletes often use massage therapy to speed recovery from exhausting workouts and to maintain flexibility and the lengthening of muscle fibers. Massage therapy increases the oxygen and nutrients in muscle tissue, and throughout the body, through improved circulation. Massage can offer benefits in the case of sports injuries, sprains, strains and myofascial pain conditions.

Massage Can Improve These Conditions, Too
Massage therapy has been shown in studies to improve many conditions, including:

  • Back pain
  • Joint flexibility
  • Increased immunity

7 More Benefits of Massage!

  1. Massage reduces pain, leading to the use of less medication.
  2. It is excellent for reducing scar tissue.
  3. Massage lengthens muscle tissue, improving flexibility.
  4. Massage has also been used to treat headache and migraine pain, reducing both the duration and intensity of both.
  5. Blood pressure may be lowered.
  6. Edema and swelling can be reduced by the application of massage therapy.
  7. Massage even shortens the labor of childbirth!

A good massage followed by a nice, relaxing cup of tea is an excellent way to reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and pains and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.


Happy wife, healthy life—

New research adds credibility to the old saying “Happy wife, happy life,” suggesting that men and women with happy spouses are not only happier but also healthier. For the study, researchers analyzed data compiled on nearly 2,000 middle-aged, heterosexual couples whose happiness and physical health were tracked for 6 years. They found that those whose spouses had a positive outlook were 34 percent more likely to be healthy, exercise regularly and eat healthfully, and have positive outlooks themselves. Those with a pessimistic partner, on the other hand, had more health issues and were less physically active. Why? The researchers speculate that when one member of a couple adopts good lifestyle habits, that person encourages his or her spouse to do the same. Spouses with a positive outlook also cause less stress in the relationship, the study’s lead author, William Chopik, tells “Simply having a happy partner,” he said, “may enhance health as much as striving to be happy oneself.”

Source: The WEEK — 10/14/16

Calcium supplement risks—

People who take calcium supplements to strengthen their bones may be increasing their risk of heart disease. Researchers analyzed the heart health and calcium intake of more than 1,500 adults between ages 45 and 84. At the start of the study, none of the participants showed signs of coronary artery calcification (CAC), a risk factor for hardened arteries. Overall, those who routinely consumed the most calcium had a lower risk for heart disease, but the opposite was true for participants whose calcium intake mostly came from supplements. In fact, taking a daily calcium supplement was associated with a 22 percent greater risk for CAC, reports The Washington Post. Unlike supplements, calcium-rich foods were not linked to heart disease. “We think the body metabolizes supplements and dietary calcium differently,” says the study’s leader, Erin Michos. “If you are worried about your bones, then get your calcium through food.”

Source: The WEEK — 11/10/16

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

— Socrates

The content of this article is not designed to replace professional medical advice. If you’re ill, consult a physician.
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